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Family Photos

Family Photos

My wife, Mandy, won a competition for a free family photo shoot from Inspired by Life Photography.  It had been a while since out last family photo, so this was a great opportunity for an update.

I’m not sure what year the last family photo shoot was, but I do remember that our middle child, Bradley, had lost his two front teeth shortly before hand.  So what do you think happened this time?  Our youngest, Karla, lost both her front teeth the week before this shoot!  Oh well, loosing your teeth is a part of growing up.  For Brad and karla, at least their missing front teeth is well documented by a professional photographer!

Samantha from Inspired by Life Photography was fantastic.  Her photography business is new, but is sure to be successful judging by the way she interacted with all of us.  I normally prefer to be behind a camera, but Samantha made me feel comfortable having my photo taken.  She was great with the kids too!

Check out our latest family photos…

Karla and the steam train

Karla and the steam train

Steam Train

Twice a year SteamRail Victoria run a tour to Traralgon from where passengers can visit the snow fields or other Gippsland attractions.  The tour runs from Melbourne on a good old fashion steam train, consisting of two powerful locomotives pulling a collection of heritage passenger carriages.  The “Snow Train” runs on the main railway line, staying out of the way of regular metro and country passenger services (and probably some freight trains as well), stopping only briefly at a some of the major stations along the way.

Like her big brothers before her, my seven year old daughter, Karla, has become fascinated with steam trains.  She saw this year’s first snow train a few weeks ago with her Mum (while I was in hospital) at Tynong Station, where it doesn’t stop.  I promised Karla that If I was out of hospital I would take her to see the second run at Pakenham, where it does stop for a couple of minutes.


I wrote a couple of months ago how Karla likes making videos for YouTube.  When I said we were going to see the steam train, naturally she asked me to make a video.  The clip embedded in this blog post shows Karla telling the camera the train is on the way, how much smoke and steam it makes and how “cool” the steam train is!


Later in the evening we went back to Pakenham Railway Station to see the “Snow Train” steam train on it’s way back to Melbourne.  This time I thought i’d get some long exposure night shots of the locomotives steaming at the end of the platform.  I setup the camera and tripod across the road from the station, in-between the tracks (but still safe within the pedestrian fence).  We could feel the steam as the train gathered speed right beside us, Karla thought that was even better that watching from the platform in the morning.

I’m pretty happy with the pictures too.

Steam Train at Pakenham
Steam Train at Pakenham

Yelarbon, Queensland

Yelarbon shops

Yelarbon, Queensland

You may have heard in the news recently about the small Queensland town of Yelarbon being auctioned for just $1.  I have a strong connection to that town, my Dad grew up in the area and we still have family there today.  As a kid I would tell people we were going on holiday to Queensland and let them think we were heading to the Gold Coast, or some other tourist destination up north.  The reality was we would visit the family in Yelarbon for our holidays.  Not that I minded, there were tonnes of adventures to have with my uncles and cousins.

The Auction

Despite the “$1 Town” headlines, there was actually three separate auctions for two groups of shops and a derelict house.  With no reserve price, the properties could have been sold for just one dollar, but the combined sale price at Yelarbon was actually $156,000.  I had to laugh when the Toowoomba Chronicle added a note at the end of their Yelarbon Auction story that said “Several businesses and other homes were not for sale” to clarify it wasn’t the entire town for sale!

Check out the video posted to Facebook by Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise TV morning show.

My Yelarbon photos

I last visited Yelarbon in March 2015, for the funeral of my Uncle Bob.  It was my first visit for over 20 years, and only my second as an adult, but nothing much had changed.  One of my favourite past times these days is photography, in particular street photography, walking around a city or town and exploring, finding interesting subjects or points of view.  Following the funeral, and the wake at the pub, thats exactly what I did, I grabbed my camera and took a walk around town for a couple of hours before sunset.  Seeing the one dollar auction stories has inspired me to share my Yelarbon photos here.  Below is a gallery showing my pics from that afternoon.

Exploring the town was a trip down memory lane for me, except most of those shops in the main street I would visit with Mum as a child were now empty.  Hopefully now those shops have new owners, there will be some life breathed back into Yelarbon for the next time I visit.

These Yelarbon photos and more appear on a special “interstate” page of my Vic Pics Gallery,
where they can be purchased as prints or downloads – 

Adding a gallery

Screenshot of the Karla Gallery added to

I’ve been thinking about adding some photo galleries to this site, my personal site, for some time.  After looking at a couple of other gallery options, I’ve decided on the Enviro Gallery plugin for WordPress.

To kick things off, I’m starting with a collection of photos of my daughter, karla.  To check it out go to

Watch this space for more galleries, coming soon.