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Truckies Chow Mein

Chow Mein and rice dinner from Euroa Shell roadhouse truckstop

Chow Mein and rice dinner from Euroa Shell

I was covering the afternoon shift Albury run again recently and stopped at the Euroa Shell Roadhouse / Truckstop for my compulsory logbook break and a quick dinner.

I was thinking of just a cheeseburger and coffee from Maccas, but when I walked through the truckies lounge one of the other food stores was open with a window just for truck drivers.  On top of their “specials” board was Chow Mein and Rice and I immediately did a Homer Simpson “Hmmmmmm…”.

Chow Mein was a favourite of mine as a kid, so I ordered the meal (and a coffee) expecting the usual take-away serving, but instead got a big dinner plate full.  The above low-light iPhone photo doesn’t do this meal justice, it was really nice and really filling!  Sure it cost about $10 more than a cheeseburger, but was well worth it.

You’ve gotta love a truck-stop dinner!