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First post on my personal site

Well here we are, my person blog on my personal “” domain web site.

I actually registered the “” domain name early this year with the intent of building a proper web site as my home page, but until I got around to that I created a basic page with Google’s free Blogger platform to display a few links (that old page now lives here –  I’ve created other sites before using Blogger, but it’s cheap (free!) and those sites are looking cheap compared to some slick sites created on WordPress.  I gave a try, but it has limitations so I realised a self hosted site would be the way to go.

Meanwhile when I saw some of the new top level domain extensions released, I had a brain wave to create so I bit the bullet, paid for some hosting and started learning WordPress.  With Vic Pics on-line, and the unlimited hosting service I now had access to, it was time to turn “” into a real web site and personal blog.

One of the first things I’d like to do with this site, is import some of my older blog posts across from Blogger.  The import process should retain the original published dates, so any posts that appear on this domain older than September 2014 (prior to the “First Post” you’re reading now) will be Blogger imports from my other sites.