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First day of school – embed slideshow

If you know someone whos kids started school this week, then you’ve probably been overwhelmed with Facebook photos of the young’uns in their crisp new uniforms, and tears at the classroom door.

Well guess what, I’m no different.  I’ve seen lots of friend’s kids off to school on Facebook, and today it was my daughter’s first day at school.  Yes I’ve put pictures on Facebook, but I’ve also got a new photo website I’m building – and this blog about photography.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugLast night I had a quick search of Flickr for “first day of school” to get some ideas, but if you want to show off new uniforms and compare heights of siblings (while not wanting the kids to be late late on their first day) then the standard pic in front of the house does the job.  I did get one idea that breaks a few rules – looking down from above (rather than getting the camera down to eye level) actually seems to work well in this circumstance. 

As I’m still building, and fine-tuning my SmugMug based photo web site, this has also presented me with the opportunity to test out their embedded slide-show option.  So below is a slide-show of Karla’s first day at school.


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