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Picnic area sunset

Yesterday was a clear Winters day, so I thought I’d get some more sunset photos from somewhere different.  I’d noticed a small new subdivision here in Pakenham, which is actually on the side of a hill with a new rest / picnic area at the top, so I’d been planning to have a look up there for a while.

That hill turned out to be a good local vantage point for photography.  When I fist got there, about 30 minutes before sunset, a family of Kangaroos seemed just as keen to keep an eye on me, as I was on getting a few shots of them!

I then changed to my fixed 40mm lens (on the Nikon D5100) and started concentrating on the setting sun.  Moving around a fair bit, trying different spots on the hill, my favourite pic from the shoot is actually this one, looking at the sun through the new undercover picnic area.



See more in this gallery… (archived here).


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Quick iPhone sunset

Yes, it’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog post here, or even added any photos to my Photo Site.  I’ve had a big couple of weeks at work, most of it spent behind the wheel running up and down the Hume Highway between Melbourne and Albury.

The only chance I’ve had to take photos lately has only been quick snaps with my iPhone, such as this one below.  I managed to have a break during work at the Mokoan rest stop (near Winton) just in time to capture this sunset with my phone in HDR mode.

My work schedule should be back to normal now, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back behind the lens and produce some more DSLR photographs soon.

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Grantville Jetty

I took my 10 year old son, Brad, for a “photo drive” yesterday.  That’s where we go for a drive somewhere, not necessarily with any particular destination in mind, for the purpose of taking photos.Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We ended up at Grantville, a small town on Western Port Bay, with a very photogenic jetty.  While Brad was more interested in the jellyfish swimming around the jetty, I was keen to capture the sunset.

As the sun got lower in the sky, I realised there were clouds on the horizon that looked like obscuring the sunset.  Just when I thought we were going to miss the sunset, a bright orange glow appeared on the clouds.


See more of my photos from Grantville Jetty here…

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When clouds get in the way

I think Mother Nature has been plotting against my quest for good sunset photos.  My recent attempts at Broken Hill and Mornington could both be called “Hazy clouds on the horizon”, rather than my preferred “Sky turns golden” sunset pics.

Last Friday evening I noticed the sky starting to turn pinkish, so my son and I went up to a small nearby hill here in Pakenham, only for him to ask “Dad, where’s the sun gone?”  You guessed it, behind the clouds.  “Sorry mate, there’s no show tonight”.

This just proves that in photography, you often need patience, timing and good luck to get “that” shot, and you should keep trying until you do.


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