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Your tax dollars at work #LibSpill

So our polititians in Canberra, well those in government at least, have stopped governing and started in-fighting about who should be leader of the Liberal party, and ultimately Prime Minister of Australia.  Malcolm Turnbull has resigned from cabinet, and his position as Communication Minister, to challenge PM Tony Abbott.

It’s really sad that our highly paid polititans just look like school boys fighting over who is the toughest kid in the school yard.  If there is a change of Prime Minister, I imagine the cost to tax payers would be enormous.

Speaking of tax dollars, the news coverage of the Liberal leadership spill by our national broadcaster, the ABC, on their 24 hour news channel (News24 on digital FTA channel 24) is terrific.  Keeping the Australian public informed on important breaking news like this good use of our tax dollars.


Picture: Twitter

UPDATE: Australia has a new Prime Minister…