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Back to work

Back to work

Isn’t it ironic that in my previous blog post I wrote about publishing regular blog posts, “at least weekly”, but then didn’t publish anything for two weeks.

Over on Vic Pics, I went on a big photo taking road trip in Western Victoria on the last day of my Christmas holidays, but have only managed to write and publish two posts that weekend. Followed by nothing for over a week.

So what went wrong?  I went back to work.  Working afternoon shift driving trucks, I haven’t been able to find a good time either before or after work to concentrate on my photography or blogging.  When I work a regular day shift, I can come home at a decent time and work on my hobbies after dinner.  When I’m starting work at lunch time, I’m a little reluctant to get stuck into a project while keeping an eye on the clock to make sure I’m not late.  I then get home after midnight, when I’m too tired to concentrate for too long in-front of the computer.

I will be on afternoon shift for the next few weeks, driving a semi up and down the Hume Highway to Albury.  Over 300 kilometres of freeway each way is good for catching up on audio podcasts, but add in loading and unloading times and before you know it I’ve clocked up a 12 plus hour day.  I will really need to be disciplined to squeeze in some blogging and photo processing hours around work while being mindful of fatigue management on the road.

Stay tuned, more blog posts coming soon!

Stramit Mack truck loaded with Iplex PVC coils

Vic Pics blog

Vic Pics blog

You’ve probably worked out that I have an interest in blogging. That’s why I try and update this personal site (that you’re reading now) at least weekly with a new post, as well as tweek the appearance and add new features whenever I can. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to put in as much time to my other sites for the second half of 2016.

My main online project is Vic Pics, a blog and gallery to showcase my photography from around Victoria, Australia.  Going six months between blog posts is no way keep readers, but for various reasons that’s exactly what I did.  But now it’s back.  The Christmas / New year break has given me an opportunity to improve the site design and start posting content again.

I’m feeling pretty confident I’ll be able to keep Vic Pics up to date in 2017 with regular content.  A busy work schedule wont stop me, and I’m certainly not planning major surgery and lengthy hospital stays again this year, so keep on eye on Vic Pics for pictures from all over Victoria, Australia.

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Vic Pics homepage screenshot