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Smarty pants Brad

Still from "That's Good for Footy" show, Brad Yeo gets 10 from 10 Essendon trivia questions correct.

I’ve just found this YouTube video of my 12 year old son on a football show, getting all ten trivia questions correct about our favorite AFL team, Essendon.

Brad is on for a couple of minutes from the 30min 33sec mark.  Behind him on the panel, keeping score, is Essendon star Dyson Heppell and Travis Cloke from Collingwood.

The show, That’s Good for Footy, was recorded the week prior to the Collingwood V Essendon ANZAC Day clash, it went to air on community station C31.

Trivia Night

If you’ve never been to a Trivia night, it might sound a bit boring, or only for the smarty-pants who know everything.  In reality though, the trivia questions are just an excuse to get together with friends or colleagues for a bit of fun, a drink and to raise money for your school, sport club or charity.

Mandy on the "Funk and Wagnalls" table for the Pakenham Junior Football Club Trivia Night

Mandy on the “Funk and Wagnalls” table

Last night we went along to a Trivia Night for out local junior football club.  Despite naming our table after old encyclopaedias, we were no where near winning.  We did have a lot of fun though!