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Albury Run Daily

Stramit semi trailer on the way to Albury

Stramit semi trailer on the way to Albury

I’ve spent the last three weeks covering the Afternoon Shift at work, running a trailer up to our Albury Depot.  The Hume Highway is a nice and easy drive, but being freeway all the way it can get a little boring, but having said that, no two days are ever the same.

Over the three weeks there has certainly been some extremes of whether and road conditions.  The temperatures have ranged from 16 to 46 degrees Celsius, from blue skies to flooding rains and gale winds.  I’ve seen the wind blow down powerlines and start a grass fire.  I’ve seen a large tree blow over onto the Hume, blocking 3/4 of the road.  Most days you would see the heat shimmering from the tarmac, but a couple of times the highway looked more like a river.   On one evening there was a caravan that ran off the road and rolled and turned into what looked like a giant pile of match-sticks.

For the return trip, I was coming back with either an empty trailer or a back load of plastic pipe coils, meaning I had hardly any weight to haul up the hills so my little truck would fly past some of the big bangers!

The truck loaded with plastic pipe coils for the return trip to Melbourne

Loaded with plastic pipe coils for the return trip to Melbourne

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Wanna be truckies

So you drive a diesel powered SUV, 4WD or ute, good for you!  Despite the diesel go-go juice, you don’t drive a truck.  Modern servos have diesel pumps available at most of the car bowsers, so I don’t understand why some drivers of diesel cars (yep, your SUV, 4WD or ute is still only classified as a car) insist on fueling up at the truck pumps.

Diesel powered cars fueling at the truck bowsers.

These ute drivers think they’re in a truck.

Maybe it’s the high-flow pump, designed to allow real truckies to fill over 500 litres in only a few minutes?  For a car that means 50 litres takes seconds instead of minutes, are people really that time poor?

Yesterday I was waiting for two utes in the “Trucks Only” bay, when a third ute reversed in front of me (the white Ford in the picture above) to get to the high-flow pump instead of the car bowsers that were free a few bays over.  I could have got out and told him what I thought, instead I just moved forward more so he had to reverse out as well.  He did get a dirty look from me though, so he knew he was in the wrong.  He was only a young kid (in a brand new Ford Ranger!) so hopefully he wont be so rude and selfish again.