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10 Years on Twitter

10 Years on Twitter

So I received a notification from Twitter this morning, that’s nothing unusual, except that this one said “It’s your Twitter anniversary…

What?!  Apparently it’s ten years since I signed up to Twitter.  If you’d asked me yesterday, I would have said that the social media giant wasn’t even around ten years ago.  Some research this morning has enlightened me, Twitter was launched in July 2006.  I signed up two and a half years later.

As a relatively early adopter, I was able to secure my real name as my Twitter handle @SimonYeo.  Good luck to anyone trying to get their real name as a username today!

I’m only an occasional user of Twitter these days.  Below are some of my earliest tweets from 2009.

If the embedded tweets aren’t loading in your browser, click HERE for a screenshot (opens a new tab).

Twitter History

I’ve just downloaded my twitter history!  I wouldn’t have guessed it has been over 4 years since I signed up to the then relatively new social media service!

What was my very first tweet?…”Just signed up to twitter”.
Almost three months later I tweeted “Why should I bother with Twitter?”

Well I’m glad I stuck with it… you can follow me @simonyeo

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Today has been my biggest day on Twitter since I joined several years ago.  Including re-tweets, I tweeted 43 times today.  My topics varied from the passing of cricket legend Tony Greig, interacting with a guest on ABC News24, a very healthy “discussion” on the safety of B-Triple trucks, photography re-tweets and linking to a YouTube video of my kids.

All these tweets today took my total number over 1000, but I still call myself only a casual user of Social Media.

Twitter are slowly rolling out the ability to view all of your twitter history.  When it’s available to me, I’ll be really interested to look back at what I posted in my early days.


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