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Windows 10 install errors

Back in September I told you of the difficulties I had installing the new Windows 10 Operating System to my desktop computer.  By contrast my younger son’s (Brad) laptop updated to Windows 10 without any problems.

Now it’s my older son’s (Josh) turn.  Josh was happy to stay with Windows 8.1 until he installed something dodgy that made his pc crazy and couldn’t be fixed.  The cure was a clean install of Windows, so we may as well move him up to Windows 10.  To get the free upgrade I had to re-install Windows 8, then upgrade that to 8.1 and then W10.  We experienced a few of the same difficulties as my machine, but got it installed eventually.

After a couple of months with Windows 10, Josh started having trouble.  The Start Menu stopped working, nothing would happen when you clicked on the Windows icon (or the Windows key on the keyboard).  My first instinct was to run Windows Update, but that was missing altogether (once I worked out a way to navigate to the old Control Panel without the Start Menu working).  Josh denies installing dodgy software again, so who knows how these problems sprung up from.

So it was time for another clean install of Windows 10 on Josh’s desktop, but regardless of how many times I tried, each time there would be any one of several error messages.

Various errors attempting a clean install of Microsoft Windows 10 to a homebrew computer.

Various errors installing Windows 10.

After countless failed attempts to re-install Windows 10 to Josh’s desktop, I gave up and installed Ubuntu Linux instead.  Ubuntu couldn’t be easier to install, it worked first time, connected to the internet, found our network printer, downloaded updates, everything just worked!

The only problem using a Linux Operating System was the game app Steam wouldn’t run on 64 bit Ubuntu, but a check of the forums and some Google searching found a fix, but it still wouldn’t run half of Josh’s games.  Josh wasn’t happy at not being able to play his favourite games, so he decided to persevere with Windows, trying, trying and trying again for hours.  Finally he was successful!

As I write this, Josh’s computer is alternating the install messages; “Installing Updates”, “We’re still working” and “We’ll tell you when we’re ready”.  Hopefully there will be no last minute crashes or other problems, fingers crossed!

We'll tell you when we're ready. Operating System install Microsft Windows 10

We’ll tell you when we’re ready.
Microsoft Windows 10 install.