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My horrible Windows 10 upgrade experience

Windows 10 has been publicly available for just over a month now, and I think I’ve finally got a stable installation on my main computer.  Well after several upgrade and clean install attemptes, three or four ISO downloads, countless crashes, a new hard-drive and new drivers, I certainly hope my PC issues are behind me.  In this post I will try to re-count how I went from a trouble free and stable Windows 8.1 machine to being excited that Windows 10 has stopped crashing. (more…)

Windows 10 upgrade fails

July 29 was Windows 10 day, well it should have been.  I was part of the Windows Insider program (testing out the new Operating System on some old lap tops) and was all set to automatically receive the new public version on my main computer.

Checking my Update History I can see that Windows has tried to install the upgrade several times (the first time was actually a day early on July 28) but has failed each time.

Screenshot 2015-08-01 12.17.05

As I’ve written in my WebLinks blog, now I’ll have to download the ISO and either upgrade or clean install manually.  I’ve got no problem doing this, but frustrated at the extra time it will take instead of the automatic and “easy” upgrade.

I’m sure Joe Public out there wouldn’t bother to install Windows 10 manually from an ISO file, but certainly would curse Microsoft when his computer keeps trying to install it automatically and re-starting after every attempt.