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Wanna be truckies

So you drive a diesel powered SUV, 4WD or ute, good for you!  Despite the diesel go-go juice, you don’t drive a truck.  Modern servos have diesel pumps available at most of the car bowsers, so I don’t understand why some drivers of diesel cars (yep, your SUV, 4WD or ute is still only classified as a car) insist on fueling up at the truck pumps.

Diesel powered cars fueling at the truck bowsers.

These ute drivers think they’re in a truck.

Maybe it’s the high-flow pump, designed to allow real truckies to fill over 500 litres in only a few minutes?  For a car that means 50 litres takes seconds instead of minutes, are people really that time poor?

Yesterday I was waiting for two utes in the “Trucks Only” bay, when a third ute reversed in front of me (the white Ford in the picture above) to get to the high-flow pump instead of the car bowsers that were free a few bays over.  I could have got out and told him what I thought, instead I just moved forward more so he had to reverse out as well.  He did get a dirty look from me though, so he knew he was in the wrong.  He was only a young kid (in a brand new Ford Ranger!) so hopefully he wont be so rude and selfish again.