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I’ve shut down my Weblinks Website

I’ve shut down my Weblinks Website

Early web publishing and bookmark sharing

One of the first websites I ever made was a simple Blogger (Google’s blogging platform) site to record some of my favourite websites.  This was a long time ago, before social media and before you could synchronise browser bookmarks across devices.  I put a lot of thought into the name of that site, and called it “Simon’s WebLinks”.  If I found a website I thought I might want to share with someone else, or access from another computer, I would write a short post including a screenshot and hyperlink.

Once I found out how cheap and easy it was to register a domain name, I even set up Simon’s WebLinks with a custom URL –

Moving to WordPress and a new domain

Fast forward a couple of years and I had discovered WordPress around the same time that new Top Level Domains became available.

(A new Top Level Domain is a web address that doesn’t end in the tradition dot-com or dot-net, such as dot-website). 

I registered the domain name and created my brand new WordPress website.  At the same time, I also imported the old Blogger site into a seperate WordPress site and archived it at

WebLinks Website

The first ever post on Weblinks Website (can still be seen on the WayBack Machine)

We don’t need a WebLinks site in 2018

These days a lot of people don’t browse the web, they browse social media.  If you do have favourite websites, broswer bookmarks can be synced across devices.  There is just no need for a WebLinks Website anymore.

When the domain renewal came up, I had to make a decision whether or not to keep the name for another year.  Looking back over the site, I was suprised at how many of the great websites I frequented years ago no longer existed.  The site now had more bad links than good.  It was time to let my Weblinks Website die.

Now what?

Even though has gone, much of the site can still be seen on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.  If I do come across any amazing websites worth sharing in the future, you can bet I will write about them here on my personal blog.

NASA Astronomy Picture Of the Day

NASA Astronomy Picture Of the Day –

Vancouver webcam

Vancouver webcam –

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Tree on car

Way back in 2001, not long after buying our first PC, I experimented with online publishing.  I’d bought some computer magazines to learn about that Windows 98 beige box and came across an article about  The site allowed you to create your very own web page, with a primitive drag and drop interface, for free.  Wow, I could create my own page on the internet, how exciting!

I started dreaming about what I could do with my own web page (like I still do with the sites I publish now), but first I had to learn by experimenting.  I needed some photos, so I scanned pictures I had from when a tree landed on my wife’s car a few years earlier (yes, I had to scan photos because we didn’t even have a digital camera at that stage (that came in 2003).  A few hours later I’d made a web page called “Tree On Car”.

I’d forgotten all about my Tree On Car page, until I recently came across an old link on my very first Blogger blog.  The service still exists (competing with the likes of Squarespace and Wix), but my page had been disabled.  I decided to have a look at the Internet Wayback Machine, a site that archives web pages for future reference, to see if I could find anything.

The Wayback Machine didn’t have the Tree-On-Car website archived, but it did have the images.  I’m not sure why the photos were archived, but not the site, but that’s okay because those scanned photos were lost a couple of computers ago.

I think it’s pretty amazing when some hunting around on the internet can find things thought long lost!

By the way, we try not to park under trees these days!