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Just for something different, I’m writing this post on my iPad, using the WordPress App.

I’m not sure if I would ever have something so urgent to write that I would need to use a tablet’s touch screen, rather than wait to get home and use a proper desktop computer and keyboard. However, I may need to do a quick edit if I spot a mistake the next day while I’m at work (in a truck), so it will be nice to know I’ve got this app available if I do need it.

Hmm, this is interesting. As soon as I published this post, half of it disappeared, including screenshot pictures inserted.

I knew I shouldn’t have trusted an app to do a PC’s job. My second attempt to publish this post (as an update) and everything after the “Read More” link was lost again, plus all pictures.

Thinking about why half the post is lost when publishing, it may actually be the iOS emoji icons the cause the problem, so I will try again without any cute smiley faces.


Here’s a few more screenshot images, taken while writing this post.